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Welcome to Bijoux!

Welcome to Bijoux one of the  most luxurious and chic hair and beauty salons in Glasgow.

Located in the heart of the financial district of Glasgow.  Offering  some of the most up to date and cutting edge beauty therapies on the market.

Here at Bijoux  we work closely with our clients ensuring that they are given the most satisfying and relaxing experience whilst getting to know their preferences and building lasting relationships. Our aim is for each individual to leave Bijoux feeling satisfied and revitalised.


Our Promise.

As  promised from the day we started, our beauticians and stylists  along with the rest of the family  are working hard to ensure that you will receive the best treatment, attention and care possible.

Our team is growing continuously and we are always making new investments to keep up with the latest technology, fashion and to make our environment even more pleasant so our clients can sit back, relax and enjoy the Bijoux experience.

Bijoux would like to thank all their fabulous and loyal clients that continue to religiously frequent the salon even when up against 100mph winds.  

Beauty Deals

At Bijoux we always have exceptional deals running for both returning and new customers. Check our site weekly for new deals as we always provide amazing value